Saturday, September 17, 2011

Best Wishes

Saturday, September 17, 2011
To the person who paved way to create this blog,

All the best for the new life ahead. We wish you success and we hope you continue to stay with this blog for years to come even when you are busy with the new assignments you are going to take. ;)

Peter, you'll be missed till you're away. Be back soon. xoxo. :P

Shit for Tat Team

P.S.: Peter is going to start something new with his life. Lets all wish him luck. :)

Sunday, July 17, 2011

This title isn't good, change it !

Sunday, July 17, 2011

This blog's background isn't very good, something more classic would look better ! And the name Shit-for-tat ! Really ? It's not only gross but also offending, it imbibes and showers all the negativity. Do something about it too. Also the themes aren't very funny and updated. Why don't you guys write about Digvijay singh, Baba Ramdev, Lady Gaga and other 'in the news' celebs ? There are loads of jokes on the web about them !

Counselors, advisers, guides, instructors, whatever you name them, are everywhere and mostly unwanted. You don't believe this ? Ask the person next to you, what he thinks about this blog or about you or even about the size of your PEaNUtS (what did you read it first as?).

There are three types of them,

1. Genuine ones
2. Not serious ones
3. Assholes

Got a career problem ? serious life decisions are on hold ? Go to your parents or true well-wishers, which doesn't include your gf btw, coz all she would suggest you is to marry her. So your family and only a few, which means 1, 2 or at max 3 of your best buddies would listen to you and if you are someone with more than 5 best friends, then I am LMAOing at you right now.The rest 2 of them don't exist in this Kalyug. Okay, so these genuine people would help you in putting your best foot forward or at least that's what is expected of them. They all fall in the first category.

Can't sleep ? take a pill ! It burns when you pee ?Well Drink more beer ! Don't feel hungry these days ? Ohh, check if you are pregnant or not :O Got split ends ? Chop your hair off. Running low on cash ? Shoplifting, that's the new 'thing' ! Feeling suicidal ? You could do much better with Ecstasy or Valium ! Bored of sex ? Change your sex or your sex-partner, turn gay or shemale ! Want thrill ? Slap a cop and spit on his face ! Don't like animals ? Well screw 'em, try humping a monkey ! Wanna get high ? Climb Everest ! Wanna experiment ? Put 10 Mentos fresh in a coke bottle and drink it ! wanna feel the heat ? Hug a pressure cooker while its on fire! Wanna get wild ? bite a snake! Got crush on your teacher ? Just propose her ! Got sibling rivalry ? Mix Jamal-Gota in their dinner a day before their board exams! Got a body scar? get the initials of your GF/BF as a tattoo. Wanna be a punk ? Get done with nipple piercing first ! A Snake bit your friend on his penis? Well, suck it ! Your boss is cranky ? Kidnap his daughter or rape his wife! Got Raped ? Chill, it's not like you'r pregnant! You are pregnant? well marry that Rajpal Yadav who proposed you in Engg days. You don't want to marry right now? Steal your bapuji ka paisa and run away from home. Failed in the exams ? get a duplicate report card. Got caught while stealing ? cry like you have a widowed mother and a blind sister!

Gahh! all these suggestions are unwanted and so obvious that they are, it's just your friend having fun at your misery.They are not serious ones. These ideas don't help coz you never take them seriously and if you are someone who has taken them seriously then, I so want to click your picture, hang it on my wall and laugh at it everyday !

When your baajuwala Uncle comes with a meethai ka dabba, just because his 'chotu' scored 95% in board exams and you scored 75 or 80 percent becoz you couldn't mug up like a parrot day and night, all he wants to show you and your family that he has a brighter kid. He'll suggest you to aim for B or C grade colleges in any field, but don't listen to him, he himself did not study at Harvard neither will his 'tota beta'.

Your Bf is a loser !
Hmm, you are right ! can you drop me home, it's getting late? Yeah I would, but it's getting late for me too.
Okay, you have 200 bucks? I don't carry cash much, I will get a taxi and go home safe.
Gee ! I have 5 bucks, catch a bus !
ohh ! and you think my Bf is a loser ? Ass !

You aren't made for this profession even if it's your hobbie, you aren't good at it, just change it !!
Hmm, So what should I do ?
I don't know, you are good with pipes, become a Plumer !
It's PlumBer ! and you thought I should be changing my job. Sicko!

All these Really unwanted Counselors have a stinking mouth, just coz it doesn't cost them a penny, the day it starts costing them, they will keep their ass shut !!

You suggestions on this post ? Think Think ! You don't wanna be an asshole !

Thursday, July 7, 2011


Thursday, July 7, 2011
Congratulations Dear Nidhi Mangal for your marriage from the entire S4T Team and S4T's readers.
We wish you and Rohit all the very best for the life ahead.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

MMX Anno Domini :D

Tuesday, January 4, 2011
Ladies and gentlemen, insane and sane,
Shit 4 Tat is back to give you some pain,
Presenting a summary of decade's first year end,
Led to a lot of views got changed,
CWG's money changed hands,
Kalmadi to Assange, Dolly to costly Oneeyan,
Oh shit, only 2 years left for the world to end,
Sit back and enjoy, 2010...

1) Blasted off:

Miss Universes and Miss Worlds can only wish for a peaceful world. 2010 saw terror blasts, earthquake in Haiti. 2011 might just see Pakistan disappear as a nation with blasts taking place there as often as Dolly Bindra was caught using swear words.

2) Radia Tapes:

Will 2011 see the untarnished reputation of Ratan Tata meet a blow? Only time will tell...And we hope we don't have to say Tata to this gem of a person. Although people are still confused about what Radia tape actually had. Some thought it was Radio Active. Some thought it was all-in-vain attempt by Barkha Dutt to become as famous on Twitter as Arnab Goswami. Also, Neera Radia might be a good enough contender in running for Rajya Sabha next time, or Bigg Boss, who knows.

3) Social only working and Wickedleaks:

Wicked leaks was THE THING to discuss in the latter half of the year. But how Julian Assange was framed is one another matter in itself. Probably her mistresses has planned to sing ‘Assange saareee raat, soniyo vey’ but he leaked before he could peaked. Talking of Internetting, apna Mark Zuckerberg got TIME person of the year award. Wah ladke! He also got portrayed brilliantly by Jerry Eisenberg in the Movie ‘The Social Network.’ And it all boiled down to the fact that he made all the sites he made because of a girl. Sigh. Also, the movie clearly told that we all loved the way he lied. Also, Twitter ruled. And will rule. If you are still not there, are you an Orkutiya? Seriously? Follow @shitfortat chupchaap.

4) Suresh Kalmoohe and co.:

Despite accolades and medals won by India at CWG, the world saw India in shameful light after the corruption accusations turned out to be true. Crores of money was misrepresented and every Indian now wishes that we never host any international event again.

5) Way too bigg was this boss:

She came, she yelled and she still stayed!! :O

Bigg Boss was at its worst in its 4th attempt. The industry's biggest failures were the contestants and it was pretty tuff to decide who to eliminate, since everyone sucked. Salman of course wowed audiences by BEING HUMAN...But he was the only reason people could withstand the show. Amitabh uncle returned with KBC in a valiant attempt to get the cash flowing at home, with Abhishek yet again failing at the box office. Is this why Amitabh and Shweta Bachhan are coming on Koffee with Karan for the zillionth time?

6) Game on!

Statistics proved that 2010 was the year of break ups. We can't really blame the boys for staying glued to the television throughout the year and ignoring their girls...This was the year of sporting action! India did extremely well despite the corruption controversies at IPL and Commonwealth Games. Sania Nehwal and Somdev became our new eye candy. Many records were broken by Team India in cricket, Ashes were reconquered by England and 2011 brings on the World Cup. Game set match, this was :D

7) Obama at Maa India

Mumbai's diwali was reduced to a quiet affair with President Obama making a visit. Firecrackers were prohibited, hawkers were kicked out, roads were only filled with policemen....No, it wasn't a happy Diwali for Mumbai at all. Manmohan Singh and Co. fell all over Obama, only to have him declare that US would have plenty of job opportunities in 2011. Huh! Did I hear anyone say Obama ki maa ki?

Rahul Gandhi tried to do an Obama by making a visit to a college in Ahmedabad. He messed up quite brutually and Gujjuland didn't take very kindly to him. The next Prime Minister of India? We don't think so.

8) Boxed office:Rajnican and being Dabbanged

Dabbang broke all records, and for a change we saw little of SRK around. But of course, he had to spoil the new year by starring in Koffee with Karan season 4 and moaning about his 'sad' life and him being 'lonely'. The Munnis and Sheilas took over the idiot box and discs all around, one can only wonder if this is the same India which is considered to be conservative. Rajnikanth sms's spread like fire. Shhhh, Rajnikanth reads shit for tat :-s

9)Break ups and make ups:

Salman and SRK fought and made up again this year. Kareena and Saifu, Bips and John, PC and Shahid (Maybe together/who cares), yawn yawn. Even Malaika and Arbaaz Khan are still together. Angelina and Brad didn't get married, as expected. Possibly the only 2 biggest weddings of this year were Shoaib-Sania and Shashi Tharoor-Sunanda.

Happy new year, people! May you have a fun filled, awesome year ahead =)
P.S- The title of the post was Abhinav's idea :D Cool naa? :D