Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Rated R : The Survey

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

So, if your neck and eyes are working perfectly fine (after the last post), we Shiters are back again with a treat for your eyes. We are approaching a milestone (which will be discussed after a few days) so we decided to present a small treat to our thousands of beloved fans. No, we are not giving small awards stolen from here and there, in fact we conducted a small secret survey. This survey was done by a team of experts and it was done to rate the blogs based on the content. Now as this survey involves some objectionable content, so we are not discussing the basis too much.

Our team of experts have rated the blogs of our reader's and reader's reader's and reader's reader's reader's (and so on) on a scale of 5. The rating which usually in form of stars is not used here.

So the blogs with their ratings are given below. The readers may suggest more blogs and their suggestions will be rated in the next version of this rating series (provided we get apt sponsors for they next post based on this post):


    For writing for the better half of a man (all kinds)!


    For a non-understandable About Me


    For never using full names


    For using the tools to err..


    For Super Humor (:-o) abilities


    Aise hi Kuchh kuchh rating..


    For being not so sarcastic and quitting a job in times of recession


    For making readers beg for dictionary with those rap(e)-posts


    For sharing those Dad Jokes, BP Jokes and the ever popular MJs


    For using own's blog for romantic purposes


    For being politically correct


    For making sure that PJs will rule the Earth forever


    For sharing too many varieties of cats for no reason whatsoever


    For writing dil se and not being a sardar from Punjab (and the pictures below, thats what we could grasp from a Junglee Billi's blog for your Billi prem)


    For being absent from a long long time...

  16. Tata Tea peeo aur Jaago re!

P.S : Thanks to Akansha and Harshita (alpha-beta-cally) for their contributions and if anyone's blog is hurt after reading this post then do let us know, we will think what (not) can be done. We will take matters into our own hands and will sincerely make some effort. But Please don't expect apologies, that's the only thing we are extremely bad at! Always remember, shit for tat!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Downside UP !

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

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P.S :You know what to do. Neeche se uppar tak padho isse !