Sunday, February 28, 2010


Sunday, February 28, 2010

Hello Bloggers how you all doing ? I know a lot of you come here, read
free jokes, laugh your secret body parts off and run away without
commenting here or in the shout box. Let me tell you, S4T is not
inactive, in fact it's 'tweet for tat' part is always on fire. Now
this post is not about spanking your butt for not commenting or not
Shouting in the shout box because we will have a separate post for
that. This post is about mocking you, so that you end up screaming

ABHINAV BHATT : People know AB senior, AB junior, but he is our AB
Engineer. Carrying an AB tag is always tough, it's like comparing you
with "haaaiiiiin" of Bollywood. But he is way better than that
(H)arami AB junior in whatever he does. He has achieved things on his
own grounds, unlike that SON-OF-A-RICH !!

MADS : Okay, She saw a match and she claims that it was a SEE-SAW
match. A few times she was on the top and the other times the real
players were on top and by that I don't mean on top of each other. I
simply mean that she excited SA players and distracted Indian players
throughout and the match's result is in front of you. We also know
that you blasted a few too, coz you HAD A BLAST !!

NIDHI : Y'day she forgot to Study, Imagine a kindergarten kid saying
this to her teacher, Kid : solly teacher I forgot to study, Teacher :
Could you BE more funny and lame ? But that's all about that kid, our
nidhi is not funny and lame separately , She is Just the mixture of
two, she is FLAME of intoxication. Here is your Bhang for this holi,
ab chalo Bhaag lo yahan se !

PETER : It's funny someone asked me If I am an Italian recently, I am
like yeah I am from the Italian part of India, "kolkata". Okay, since
I am writing this post and I am very bad in making fun of myself, I
give you guys the opportunity to make fun of me. Look at all you
grinning Losers !

HARSHITA: Now, trust me guys if you give the latitude and longitude
of any place in the world, she will tell you where that place
exactly is. She has traveled enough, in fact she washes her clothes in
Washington, takes a taxi in texas, gets up Daily in Delhi, uses
London's loo and it all leads to Leeds.

SHRUTI NAIR : Put loads of colors on yourself this holi and self-click
a pic, You will look great ! Trust me :P

DHANYA: She is getting married and a free advice, change the name of your blog from "my own little world" to "My-not-so-own-big-world".

CHITWAN : Man, where are you ? Long time no Gyaan ? Made a Ville in your Farm or still with Corbett monkeys ?

AMRITA/AMS : Billi, billi you are so Silly, Billi we miss you really, why don't you come online daily, what the big deal is ?

SHAUNAK : Have you seen his recent Facebook DP ? I shit you not, the DP looks like a Cross between Jadooo and Shaunak himself. Now this is exactly what happens, when you see a pirated version of 3D avatar on a 2D medium.

PRIANCA ARORA: If you ever have to piss her off, just call her Dilliwali. See here is an example, So how is YOUR Delhi doing girl ? Now watch out for her comment :P :D

STEPH : Okay, You are not the first one to go to Pune and work in an 'office', you are not Unique(s) :P

SUGAR CUBES : If a kid who has a French Father and a Greek mom will be called a Freak, then if you marry a guy from Iceland, your kids will be called 'ICE-CUBES'.

CHRIZ: If the Header of your blog has the same chaddi, which you keep talking about then, let me ask you something.Do you wear thong :O :-s
? !

AMRITA (I'll Try to be truthful): She likes Robert Pattinson and doesn't like Edward Cullen, It's like, I like 'Amrita' but not 'I'll try to be truthful' :-s

G3: What name should I choose for my Tea Stall?
Boss Tea Ka?
or Bugs Tea Shop?

AKANSHA : Busy busy main hoo busy ittefaak se..
engineering clg main hoke bhi busy ittefak se..
MBA abhi shuru bhi nahi ittefak se..
fir bhi main hu busy ittefak se..
shushh.. go study.. who will update ur blog next? Pappu?

P.S : If anyone is offended, please note aaj Holi hai.. Bura na mano holi hai.. take everything with a light heart and open mind :)

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Happy Budday, Nidhi !!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010
She's cute, she's sweet, she's an absolute darling. She always speaks straight from the heart. Her laugh is contagious. She blogs about her toothbrush to her shoe lace. She is talkative, lively and funny. She can't type for nuts and she thinks we all are nuts :P

It's been more than a year since we know each other. But we still discover new things about her daily.
We wrote 10 tweets on Nidhi. It's shown in the side bar and in our sft twitter page. Readers are welcome to contribute in the shout box :) Nidhi is welcome to applaud our effort too :P


P.S- We love you :D

Only yours shitfully,
Shitters and Harshita :)