Saturday, December 26, 2009

X'mas(t) Gifts !!

Saturday, December 26, 2009
It's Christmas time, but don't expect any gifts out here. We are shitters not Santas. And if you want any gifts, you may please head across to Chitwan's or Harshita's blog, I'm sure they are related to Santa (Singh) in some claus(e) or the other. Punju and all.

Ok !! Now that I've thrown out Peter and Abhinav, the mean boys of SFT who have pulled your leg all year, you can heave a sigh of relief. It's Christmas, and I'm gonna make sure, that the end of the year doesn't mean the end of us i.e. you people breaking ties with us.

I'm gonna play Ms.Santa Claus, with an invisible paunch, dressed in pink (Sorry, red isn't my colour, really!) with a whole bag of goodies for all you bloggers who have put up with us for one whole year (and coming here to be made fun of! Guts you have,eh?)

1) Harshita- I would love to gift you with:
-a box of chill pills for the enormous tension you take throughout the year.
-an orkut profile: I know Facebook and Twitter are in, but need to get desi and orkut sometime!

2) Amrita Roy- A huge teddy bear and kisses and hugs from all of us..She just loves any display of affection, doesn't she?

3) Amrita~Ams-First of all, welcome to Hyderabad (That was Peter welcoming you) I Would love to gift you with a dog. Leave that billi for some time please, now how about some jokes on lazy doggie?

4) Akansha-Now, she hardly blogs because her TIME is invested in CAT. Now, CAT bhai log, please throw her in those prestigious IIMs so that she can do a Chetan Bhagat (Hey, play safe Akansha :D)

5) Shruti-How about giving you some lessons in Photoshop? You needn't upload new pics everyday then! You can only edit your old pics and change the background and ishtyle every week :P

6) Dhanya- I gifted her smileys, gossip, my junior in college, gossip, scrabble wins, gossip, and you still want a gift for X'mas? Selfish girl!

7) Shaunak-Lets just not give him anything. He has the right 'build' to play Santa :P Let me just give him an autograph by Chetan Bhagat. I'm sure that is one thing he would die for!

8) Chitwan- I don't need more competition in the form of another lawyer, so how about gifting you with a dance academy of your own. Let the judges dance to my tunes, dude.

9) Nidzzi-Madam is off to learn Spanish, but with those typos, anyone would think she's talking Spanish when she types English :D. Let's gift you with a spell check software especially designed for you..and helps us in understanding you :P

10) Peter-Bad boy number 1. After post-bashing almost every blogger in blogsville, you think you deserve a gift? Come to think about it, despite post-bashing every blogger, he still remains one of our most eligible bachelors. Blogsville surely is weird. Now all those line maars isn't a gift, then what is?

11) Abhinav-Bad boy number 2. Endless his posts are about how he tried to understand the fairer sex (Refer his old posts, now our boy has grown up and given up) I gift you with tuitions classes (taken by yours truly) for teaching you the art of understanding girls. It's not that difficult. You just have to nod and say 'yeah' to whatever we say!

Merry X'mas bloggers and may you keep dragging your mouses here :)

Monday, December 14, 2009

Is this BRB for TRP ?

Monday, December 14, 2009

13th Dec 2009, 10.00 P.M

"I started this blog 1 year ago and made wonderful friends, shared emotions, laughed out loud, cried at times, increased my G.K., Decreased my Sense of humor, enhanced my writing skills and the most important of all, wasted my Precious time. But now I have realized, world is more than just ''. I want to move on, give my career a new meaning (I don't know if that itself has any meaning), see the world, fly in the open sky like a bird, introspect, then correct myself. Hence this would be my last post ever.

P.S: will miss all of you


Comments :

1. A : Whatttttttttttt :O you will not blog again.OMG i have tears in my eyes. Will miss you for sure, I remember the awesome fun we had :(( Please think again and blog once in a while.

**A thinks** ... Shit Man !! She was the only one who used to comment regularly on my blog, now what? I will have to get a new Bakri !

**XYZ thinks**... was it a shocker ? dude I get more comments in one post than what you have in all your posts combined and you are blogging since 2 years. Loser !!

2. B : Awwwww of luck dear with your life, will surely miss you here, but hell with that, we are together on FB,Orkut,Twitter,Hi5,Friendster, Gmail. So It's okay !! *hugs*, *kisses*

**B thinks** ...waise bhi you were not blogging much these days aur main kaun sa tera poor post padhta hun kabhi, direct title and P.S aur uppar k ek do comment padh k comment marta hun. Mainu ki farak painda hai :P ?

**XYZ Thinks**... Saale, I know you will miss me, the undisputed Pervert of all time you are !!.
I don't even remember a single Status message, album pic, quiz results where you haven't commented. I made Hi5 in 2005 and uploaded the pics..and you comment in 2009. ssup with you? Gee ! may you get HIV :P

3. C : I have nothing to say, other than best of luck with your life, may you get all the happiness you deserve

**C thinks**.. I have commented so many times on her blog but she never commented on mine,sent a Friend request on all the friendship sites possible and she rejected all of them. She looks hot,she should have stayed man !! at least I get to see her Blogspot DP once in a while.

**XYZ thinks** Who is this bugger ?
100 (senti) comments.
14th Dec 2009, 10.00 P.M

" I realized what my strength is, I saw who my real time friends are, I saw it all. If I leave today, I will enjoy today, enjoy tomorrow, enjoy for a month may be, then I will suffer, the Pain will insinuate in the worst possible manner and the ville will cry out for me. So why let it cry after a month. I will stick around here, may be I will take a small break, a break that would be larger than the time elapsed between Atal Bihari Vajpayee's two consecutive verbal words and smaller than how it feels like Watching Ram Gopal Verma ki AAG. Okay let's make it simple, I will take a Kit-Kat wala break.

I love you all.


1. A : YAY ! you are back. Welcome back.

**A thinks**... I Knew it already.

**XYZ thinks**... Dude every time you guys fall for it. Dumbos !

2. B : Man I can't believe,So happy I am. Welcome back :)

**A thinks**... I knew it already, this is like 12th time in just one year.

**XYZ thinks**... This is guy worships me, *grins*.

3. C : Hey you are back again ? Wow ! welcome anyways :)

**C thinks**... I knew it already, she is addicted, I mean who would leave a blog with so many followers. I will probably take two janams to get that many number of followers.

**XYZ thinks**... what does he mean by "again" ? next time, I'ma start a new Drama :P
100 (happy) comments..


So, you might have grasped till now what this post about, if not, try Dabur Shankhpushpi or Satmola for better kidneys. Well, we care for our readers so here's the conclusive summary. It's about the people who go bang bang bang on their blogs, suddenly post a goodbye blog post and go missing (absent for few days). Unfortunately, they come back again. What **it is this? Some TRP (readership) grabbing stunt? Some pregnancy break? or a case of an MBA going to commit suicide but coming to complete the assignment? OK last line didn't matter. If we wanted we could have given some very bright examples but... we won't..! You needn't do the same. If you think you have your 15 minutes of fame then Just Leave it's gonna be okay! Le..le..le.. Just Leave!


Thursday, December 10, 2009

1 Year Younger

Thursday, December 10, 2009
When the Shit finally began.

Ever wondered why Shit for Tat was formed? Ever bothered to ask us why did we took this drastic measure of forming this toilet in blogsville and welcomed one and all in (sh) it? Ever abused us after falling flat and hurting your bum from rolling on the floor with laughter after reading our posts? Ever thought of how much it takes to get one post rolling on the toilet seat? Do you know how many posts are flushed out each and every day because it is not shitty enough?

Ever knew that we shitters have grown from 4 to 5 and then to 4 again then 5 again and lastly 4 again?

Ever knew that Abhinav gets the deepest dimples among 4 of us?

Ever knew that Peter is the brain behind the name behind the blog?

Ever knew that Shruti is was our 5th member?

Ever knew that Shruti has an obsession with changing her FB/Gtalk-surprisingly not orkut- display picture twice a day?

Ever knew that Nidhi’s typos inspired us to make more typos that in turn helped us to write some of the actual posts?

Ever knew that Mads is straight, despite the fact that she hits on Nidhi, Harshita, Dhanya, Akansha all the time?

Ever knew that Harshita is the secret shitter who nags us to keep posting? Akansha has helped writing one post too!

And…did you know…That it’s Shit for Tat’s first birthday today? }:-) But since its a toilet after all, so we have added jamalghota (who cares what do you call this in English) so you will have to visit the blog this week regularly because it's going to be raining posts!

Yippy party time!!!

As we invite you to the birthday party, we shitters welcome any questions you ever had in your mind to ask to any of the mothers and fathers of the baby. Just don’t ask Nidhi for a date, sorry she’s already taken.

By: Mads (who was reportedly seen in Mumbai with her In-Laws (INternships-Law))