Saturday, December 11, 2010

Know Your Shiters

Saturday, December 11, 2010
Hello Readers,

Before we celebrate the greatest occasion in Shit For Tat's history, please step aside and (let the drum rolls begin) congratulate our very loving Nidhi for getting engaged with her's Rohit. Big big big BIG congratulations to the couple. (keeping the drum roll going on)

So, Ladies and Gentleman, Boys and Girls, its my pleasure to announce the fact the Shit For Tat has completed 2 years of its existence! Congrats to you reader log. Its just because of you people, and us of course, S4T is up and running.*teary eyes*

People, it is not an easy task to keep a joint blog running. We people have had numerous Yahoo messenger chats, heated discussions over gayish issues, over pity issues like AC, over important issues like Jobs, over pity issues like sex. Sorry :) Apart from the posting shitty posts, it has helped a lot to gain friends from all over. Mutual friends, friends of friends and what not, we have came across a long time, came across a lot of people, came across several hundreds of comments, first time visitors who stayed, one-time visitors who shitted and went away, and regulars like you all. Love you all from all the 4 chambers of our 4 hearts, That makes it 16 chambers. But who cares. Thanks for being there reading this.

For this special occasion, for the first time, we are about to reveal a something about the people behind and on the side of this blog.

Ashwin, Abhinav, Nidhi, Madhuri. Here is a small write up from each of them about you they actually are. In real life that is.

Madhuri Iyer

Hey. this is Madhuri Iyer. Btw, did most of you know my real surname is NOT Iyer?
Caught you!

No, I'm serious! My caste/community/whatever doesn't have surnames. My dad's name is my surname, so technically, I am Madhuri Kannan(my Dad's name) But my school insisted that I should have a last name and my dad's name should be my middle name, that's why dad put in Iyer because that's my community/caste/whatever anyway.

I was born in Bombay (it was called Bombay at that time re :O) and brought up in Ahmedabad. I am currently studying in my final year at Gujarat National Law University, Gandhinagar, Gujarat.
Interned in like a zillion parts of India, in law firms, companies, under lawyers in High Courts, Supreme Courts. Hoping to make a rapchik lawyer and do good for my country :D *hugs India*
Many of you have asked me what kind of lawyer I will become in the future. I will not become a criminal lawyer, because I do not like criminal law and it's not a field where girls can stick around unless they have godfathers in the profession. I am interested in labour laws and intellectual property rights for now. Building an interest in taxation and corporate law.

I was lucky to be able to meet Abhinav and Peter, my sft buddies in Hyderabad earlier this year. Wish I can meet Nidhi Mangal too :D

Looking for a job currently. Brb :P


Hi reader fox, I am Abhinav Bhatt. I am from Jaipur and currently in Bangalore, working ;)  I had a lame blog called Y2A Slog and nobody knew me except some millions of fans, err some 4-5 people who read and commented. That was it. But then I got a proposal from Peter to start writing for a Joint Blog. I accepted and see I am famous now! :) 4-5 people who read have converted to 40-50 and that's enough. From S4T, I have gained so many new friends which I could have never made. Through S4T, I learnt to love writing, whatever crap it may be, just write and get things out of your head. I thank you S4T people who letting me in. Thanks. For girls who like good hearted people, ping me separately. HeeHee.

Busy in Her Di's Marriage and her own dreams. Her Bio will come later. :)


Hello world !

If you don't know me,then probably you should jump out of a balcony and die (ideally speaking). But I don't want that to happen, not because I care or something but it's just that S4T is too small to see someone die on his birthday !!

I never wanted to reveal what I am, what I do, what I eat, what I like, what i hate, my age, my height, my weight, my colour, my desires, my plans, my past, my present, my future, not a single thing ! I wanted to be anonymous, but somehow I did open up in the beginning itself and then mingled up with the e-world and it felt right, in fact it became the priority and since then there has been no turning back and the best part is that I don't regret it even for a second. Now if my personal life interests you then, I have grown up in Jamshedpur (and that has been the awesomest time of my life), did my college (engg) from Hyd and working in Hyd. My family moved to Kolkata, as soon as I moved to Hyd. I have an elder brother. Enough for now ?? GOOD !!  Will let you guys know more about me on his 3rd birthday !

And now some exclusive S4T get together moments. Bear them

First Ever meetup. Nidhi and Peter in Kolkata

Indiblogger Meet bangalore 2010

Indiblogger Meet bangalore 2010

Indiblogger Meet bangalore 2010 

Abhinav Nidhi, Bangalore

Peter, Abhinav and Mads in Hyderabad

Mads, Amrita, Peter and Abhinav, hyderabad, Peter's Birthday Bash

Peter, Mads and Abhinav, Hyderabad

Peter, Abhinav Hyderabad

Peter, Abhinav, Amrita. (Amrita was a regular Shit For Tat reader and billi blogger in herself so we invited her. All boys look bad.)

P.S.: Abhinav is the only person to meet them all. Yo!