Sunday, December 14, 2008

Will miss you the most....

Sunday, December 14, 2008
It's not everyday that we get close to someone we haven't met face to face.

But it has happened.

A poem from Abhinav, Mads and Nidhi just for our cutie (heehee he'll hate me for this \:D/) Peter since he's going back home and won't be online much.

When I first met you online,
I thought you are a boy, nice and fine,
Little did I know, so close we would get,
And now, to leave, you are all set.

You are sweet to me,
You bug me with so much glee,
Kiddish and stubborn you are,
It;kk be weird, with you going so far.

Whom shall I call a piglet who's pink?
Who shall irritate me as often as I blink?
Who shall sing when I ask him to?
Who shall cheer me when I'm blue?

Hoping at home you will become fat,
And come back and vomit on shit for tat,
Get a nice cute girlfriend,
Hoping your single status will finally end!

Lots of love and luck....

Will seriously miss you the most....

P.S- Come back soon with lots of shit and pee!

Thursday, December 11, 2008


Thursday, December 11, 2008
Hell – Ohh!!

Bitches and Gentlemen,Ladies and Dogs,Shemales and Females,Kiddos and Widows,Uncles and aunties.

It’s the show time, you don’t want to be anywhere else in the world right now.
So Hurry hurry step right up!
The curtain is raised from the ‘baap of all the insane blogs’. Presenting before you, the only one unique & antique piece of shit in the whole universe of shiters and bloggers combined

A sHiT-fOr-TaT’

Introducing (in alphabetical Order) the members cum shit jugglers :D

# ABHINAV: The Sarcasm King

The one who alleviates the serious situations by a pinch of salt and with the punch words.The Sarcastic to the core and so very genuine aleck. The mentor of instant comedy, the inspiration for sarcasm and the topper among the most wanted list of coolsome bloggers.

#MADS : The Phunny Mirage

The emotional fool, the dumb blonde, the hyper active PJ queen, the instant story teller, the true patriot. She can create poems on a drop of a hat, can make you laugh and cry along with all her blog posts. A mesmerizing and candid beauty with hardly any brain and a pink personified blogger.

#NIDHI : The Dream Weaver

The 200 % awesome blogger with funky ideas but simple narrations. The party freak, the shopaholic, the headbanger & the mellifluous sweetness in her blog makes everyone gaga over her and everyone sticks to her blog like a glue once they visit it.

#PETER-The Smart Ass (this alone description and tag name aren't written by me)

Seems to have 206 funny bones in his body.A walking dictionary,as we can figure out from his blog posts. Good looking,which is why he gets a lot of female profile visits to his blog (and male profile visits in Dostana cases.I'M JOKING, NO OFFENCE MEANT) A born poet who conveys the tiniest of all emotions through his poems. Decent and helpful,a blogger you wouldn't want to miss blogrolling.

ALL right enough of introductions and boasting.Here is an introductory poem by Abhinav:

Here comes another much awaited blog,
To clear the haze, to clear the fog…
It never aspires to be the numero Uno in the list,
It only wants to slam some systematic errors with its fist…
We know that this won’t bring any long term change,
Who cares, who has plans for the life in long time range...?
It may be composed of blah blahs, it may be composed of you & me,
You can always comment here and say, LOL hee hee!

Criticize your colleges, criticize your institutions,
This is THE place to spit out all your frustrations…
We will also try to start here a new trend,
You can propose here to make your fellow blogger, your boy/girlfriend!

It’s about us; it’s about our point of views,
By ‘us’ we mean our generation, we always clear our dues…
Don’t get pissed off from the pics in the header,
Pee here only, you will surely feel better…

Currently this blog is from Peter, Mads, Nidhi & Y2A,
Don’t feel boycotted, send us a 100,00,00$ DD and join us to have your say!

And if you kept wondering throughout this post to find some sanity and asked, “Hey man! Where is that?”
Let me tell you, it ain’t here, it is “ShitForTat”

Thank you everyone for being a part of this show tonight. Your host for the evening 'PETER' (Chorus effect Peter, Peter)Ohh ha ha !!!!