Monday, May 24, 2010


Monday, May 24, 2010

Since the time SFT came in to existence, it had lots of changes but a theme song, an anthem was missing. So it is here finally. Hope you all like it :)

The SFT anTheme

If you can spit, your wit, then you can spit,

That’s it, if you can’t spit, your wit, then you wit

Sucks, it’s a shit, just admit, it.

So lemme split it, for you, it ain’t whit,

Now don’t grit, your teeth, just look at it,

Bow down & greet, coz we kick out the misfits,

It’s just about fit, it can lit, you so sit,

And go through it, Awryt ?

I ain’t talking about your balls or bat,

I ain’t talking about your cheap stunts and spat,

I ain’t talking about silly this and that,

Bitch I am talking about Shit for Tat.

Folks, we crack jokes, which chokes, your interior,

So if you feel inferior, laugh at yourself period,

we throw darts at, the targets, so lets

crack that funny bone, which you own son,

for fun, and no pun, intended,

but I recommend that, don’t foresee, just read it closely,

and have no mercy, tickle your tonsil, die in your jersey,

unfold your glee, & don’t let your smile freeze, it’s free.

Shit for Tat, yeah like a mouse chasing a cat,

Yeah, like you talk, when you chat,

so, laugh loudly and get choked with mouth cough

Roll on the floor and laugh your ass off.