Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Wai two Aye!!...Happpy Birthday!! :D

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

He stormed the blogger world with a 3 letter name,

Thought he was cool , attaining all the fame,

Who the hell is Y2A, we wondered,

Why does he hide his identity, we pondered,

Is he a he? At least, we were sure about that ;)

Why does he hide his pics? Is he fat?

Slowly, Y2A opened his shell,

Hi! I'm Abhinav Bhatt, thus, he pinged our gtalk bells,

Peter thought he was the man,

Nidzzi thought....well, of everybody she's a fan ;)

Harshita thought he was a geek,

Mads thought he was a show off and a freak.

Little did we know what fate had in store,

Best buddies of Abhinav, became us 4,

Battled with bloggers, fought for one another,

Though we ain't any sister and brother,

A bond ties us tight, no question of drifting apart,

We chat, we laugh, we cry, we fart.

Happiest Birthday to Y2A turned Abhinav Bhatt !! Have a great day ahead...Wishing you all the love and luck for the future :) :D

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Happy Birthday to the Ladizz log ka man - Peter ;)

Thursday, June 3, 2010

It was some blah-blah years back that an Eminem-isshtyle laughter (hell! it shud be a howl, babies don't laugh when born hawww) broke the silence of a random labor room ;) and the boy-with-the-sexy-smile was born.

His parents named him Ashwin but the world recognized his immense talent and due to some ahem! sort of reasons that cannot be disclosed in public, his friends started calling him - PETER :D :D Rest is, as they say, HISTORY :) ;)

So, herez a big HAPPY BUDDAY wish for our favorite rapper, philosopher, co-shitter, dreamer, believer, singer and MY very-own Hero :)

For people who are just a part of the crowd, birthday wishes are easy to write... but for someone like you, it was a challenge because we really have no clue what exactly should we write that would justify the wonderful person that you are :)

For now, adjust with this small wish from all of us...

So here are some of the chhoti/moti wishes --

- May God bless you with many more moments to smile and so you can make gals go weak in their knees. OMG, stop smiling...I can see one of them falling :|

- Wish you loads of success and happiness.

- I wish that someday this year, you will realise that what a gifted singer and performer you are ...and you'll step out and tell the world about it. I will eagerly wait for that day to come and will be the first one in the row yelling at the top of my voice while you sing :)

- I wish that someday people understand the nice guy you are behind that stupid frown of yours.

- I wish that someday you'll believe that you indeed are someone people can count on and feel safe with.

- I wish that all your dreams come true (ofcourse the ahem! ones too)

- I wish that your year and life is filled with less of WTF days and more of OMG, wow! days ;)

Last but not the least, I lifted this from someone especially for you :

"Few tips on your b'day :

1. Forget the past-u can't change it.

2. Forget the present. I didnt get you one."

LOL... I know that was a lame one..but that's all we could manage right now.

So once again from Mads, Nidhi, Accilet and me, wish you a happy birthday and an awesome year ahead :)

On behalf of the Shitters - Posted by Harshita.