Friday, July 31, 2009

How "wierd" can you get??

Friday, July 31, 2009
I can’t believe that I am doing this tag. But, it seems an interesting one. 7 weird things about yourself. mmmm there are so many that I find weird about myself and wonder if other people feel the same. Or is it only me who feels differently about something.

First- My ears become hyper active in morning. When people speak normally also, they sound to me like they are screaming. I have bad times when I am home, cause my mom and my sis wakes me up most of the day.

Secondly, I can’t tolerate the background music of old Hindi movies. It irritates me. esp. I hate when the same scene is shown from 4 - 5 different angels. Bloody hell, they waste their time and mine too!!! Even in saas-bahu and other hindi serials, they show the reaction of each and every member of the serial, followed by special effect of broken glass scene. Hello bhai, power point presentation nahi chal raha!!

Point number three- Yes sir! - (I hate taking notes) Any ways.. I need different temperature of water for head and rest of the body. For head, I can't take a lot of hot water.Fourthly – I feel uncomfortable about the idea of getting my hair shampooed in parlour for the fear that the water will go inside my ear. No matter how professional they are, it does go inside ear. Adding cotton to ear too doesn’t help.

Panchwa Bindu (point) worth paanch lakh – I apply nail paint to grow my nail or else i bite them off. Bad habit I know :P

Sixthly :D I sleep with blanket no matter how hot it is.

and lastly I can wake up in the morning when I hear bird chripping. I love that sound

What about you??

P.S- Have you noticed, whenever people have to type the word 'weird', in most cases, they type it as 'wierd'. Isn't that weird? :P

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Hey, what's your name Basanti?

Sunday, July 12, 2009

So, sisters and their brothers, after celebrating birthdays of 2 of our Shiters, we are back!

With Harry Potter hanging around to show some jaadoo—mantar and some adolescence romance, some of us were discussing about the ill effects of watching the Hollywood movies in Hindi. No problem with Hindi dubbing but more than often they result in non-digestable translation with makes us Shite here. So we do Shit-For-Tat. Take HP for example, its Hindi dubbed version totally does a big ant-shant majaak with the names . For example, Gryffindor becomes Garudwar, Moaning Myrtle becomes Mayoos Meena for no reason whatsoever and so on.

Take a look at these names:
Harry Potter and the
  • Sorcerers's stone - Parasmani (Koi Nargaj ki movie hai kya?)
  • Chamber of secrets - Rahasmayi tehkhana (Directed by the Ramsay Bros not the Warner Bros.)
  • Goblet of fire- Aag ka pyala (Sahi jawaaab!)
Hindi dubbing is good for the larger part of our country but why play with the names. When Mask’s cartoon version used to be aired on Cartoon Network, Stanley Ipkiss turned to Sachin Submis and his dog Milo turned to Billu. WTF?

So we decided to find out some names which can cause some digestive upheavel in your tummies as well. Presenting some of the movies' names which were brutally dubbed for the aam junta even when aam junta was happy with normal names.
  • The Matrix: Mayajaal (Now when your teacher asks you to find the transpose of a mayajaal, he/she means transposing the matrix!)
  • Pirates of Caribbean- Samunder ke lootere (gud man, you can translate!)
  • Gladiator- Vijeta (Achha? Glad means happy na. If Vijay bole toh Amitabh Bachhan worked in Vijeta then he will say, "Glad toh bahut honge tum aaj haain!")
  • Ghost rider – Mahakaal (Why not Bhoot-Chaalak?)
  • Dunston checks in – Ek Bandar hotel ke andar (No comments!)
  • Night at museum – Museum ke undar fans gayaa sikander (There was no Sikander in the movie, tha kya?)
  • Lack placid- Magarmachch (hehe, the whole suspense got thrashed...)
  • War of the worlds- Grahon ka Mahayuddh (Sahi hai.. beedu!!)
  • Mr. & Mrs. Smith- Mr. & Mrs. Sharma (A seriously WTF OMG WTF event!)
  • Star wars- Attack of the clones- Humshaklon ka hamla (yeh bhi sahi jawaab.. 2 hazaar jeette hain aap!)
  • I am legend- Jindaa hoon mein (hehe another spoiler name!)
  • Verticle Limit- Mrityushikhar (sahi again!)
And the examples go on and on and on.. Researching on this topic led us to a site which told us this, "the Hindi version of Speed-I had Keanu Reaves saying “Hey Bhagwaan” in the lift whereas the actual movie has him saying “Oh F[asterisk]CK”."

Thanks god, they did not converted T_rex in hindi, "Bhaago bhaago, chipkali ka nana humaaree or aaraha hai! daanasur daansasur.. Daanaasur!"

What is the name of latest HP movie? Aadha khooni raajkumar?

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Bhatt Abhi/Y2A, It's your Happy-DAY :)

Wednesday, July 1, 2009
24 years ago from today, A King was born, The Sarcasm King. However the title awarded to him, came years after he made his presence felt, through a blog named 'A-Shit-For-Tat' (don't click on the name in case you are not an idiot).He is not only sarcastic, he is slapstick too, and of course he is raunchy, goofy and quick witted but, CAUTION : he is an Engineer. On this holy occasion, let's give his own dose, i.e Laughter. Here are some of his own-made-punch-liners/fundas/laws. Which you might have just missed some how.


1. [Asterix] that: It's like hiding your main (body) part by using undies. He never uses the four letter word. He uses Pluck/chuck/muck/duck instead of that. Never even abuses in hindi. He would rather write the slang and also mention which category that belongs to, from 'the parts of Speech', as in if the slang is a verb or adjective or Noun. For example 'F[Verb; Asterix]k that', 'B[Adjective; Asterix]d' or Abe 'C[Adjective, Asterix]y'. Our King is more docile than 'Anil Kapoor' from the movie 'Ishwar'. He says 'Teri maa ki' as 'Teri Monkey'

2. Oblique People: That means Gay/Lesbian People. According to him "anything that is not straight is Oblique."

3. Never Judge a book by its movie: It means as simple as it sounds.

4. How to attract a woman towards you: The [Link] is here.

5. 'Obama ki Ma'ccain: Read the first Funda to solve this crux.

King's *HIT LIST

1. Ramalingam Raju: He is not alone for that matter, there are thousands of other people like him, But still he made this[Link] and this [link]

2. Lahman Brothers: Beacuse of Recession Fucktors obviously.


1. I Like Kids, I like them so much that I can eat them.

2. Long working hours, erratic schedules and frequent transfers don't always make IT a dream destination for fresh women graduates. But it pays to have the fairer sex on board.

3. Raju Raju? Yes papa! Eating money? No papa! Telling lies? No papa? Open your balance sheets? Ha ha ha.

4. Before I start to write some lines,I check the calendar, aaila! It’s Valentine!

5. Banglore Royal Challengers - jeetenge Hum shaan se - Ab shaan jaise singers agar cricket khelne lage toh koi bachha hi jeet jaaye.

6. Oye hoye hoye
oye hoye hoye
oye hoye hoye
Public gaali deve,SRK samjha leve,Don’t become bloody fool.
Lalitiya hai vyapaari,Chale hai pardes // dhoww dhoww,Franchisee khush toh hove,Fir kaahe bloody fool.

7. I can say that I first watched Vidya Balan in Hum Paanch. She looked older those days as well.

8. I am not going, don't Bush me.

9. I will take light Years to reply, (don't tell me that light years is not a unit of time)

10. Last to last month he wrote, "MAY, aa gaya, MAY aa gaya Ma."

11.My janam kundali suggested that my name should start with ‘Y’ for example: ‘Yudhishthir’, 'Y2A' can also be expanded a“Yours Troooly Abhinav”

The memory space of blogspot would be full, Bhatt his one - liners won't cease to make you laugh (I don't know if I make sense).
Happy birthday Abhinav a.k.a Y2A may you live you forever and remain Joxy (that has nothing to do with Jockey, btw).

Lets start the day with you Y2A, just Pop-up a bottle of champagne and be gay,
May you remain forever joxy, may you get a girl bery bery sexy.
You are the King Bhatt,Bhatt I see you are still a wanted,
The funny Jackpot you are, Your blog is phun granted.
Many many Happy returns of the day, just kick all the sorrows away :)

P.S : Though He is just more than being a funny guy, but can you beat his sense of humor by wishing him in a funny style ?