Sunday, December 14, 2008

Will miss you the most....

Sunday, December 14, 2008
It's not everyday that we get close to someone we haven't met face to face.

But it has happened.

A poem from Abhinav, Mads and Nidhi just for our cutie (heehee he'll hate me for this \:D/) Peter since he's going back home and won't be online much.

When I first met you online,
I thought you are a boy, nice and fine,
Little did I know, so close we would get,
And now, to leave, you are all set.

You are sweet to me,
You bug me with so much glee,
Kiddish and stubborn you are,
It;kk be weird, with you going so far.

Whom shall I call a piglet who's pink?
Who shall irritate me as often as I blink?
Who shall sing when I ask him to?
Who shall cheer me when I'm blue?

Hoping at home you will become fat,
And come back and vomit on shit for tat,
Get a nice cute girlfriend,
Hoping your single status will finally end!

Lots of love and luck....

Will seriously miss you the most....

P.S- Come back soon with lots of shit and pee!