Thursday, December 10, 2009

1 Year Younger

Thursday, December 10, 2009
When the Shit finally began.

Ever wondered why Shit for Tat was formed? Ever bothered to ask us why did we took this drastic measure of forming this toilet in blogsville and welcomed one and all in (sh) it? Ever abused us after falling flat and hurting your bum from rolling on the floor with laughter after reading our posts? Ever thought of how much it takes to get one post rolling on the toilet seat? Do you know how many posts are flushed out each and every day because it is not shitty enough?

Ever knew that we shitters have grown from 4 to 5 and then to 4 again then 5 again and lastly 4 again?

Ever knew that Abhinav gets the deepest dimples among 4 of us?

Ever knew that Peter is the brain behind the name behind the blog?

Ever knew that Shruti is was our 5th member?

Ever knew that Shruti has an obsession with changing her FB/Gtalk-surprisingly not orkut- display picture twice a day?

Ever knew that Nidhi’s typos inspired us to make more typos that in turn helped us to write some of the actual posts?

Ever knew that Mads is straight, despite the fact that she hits on Nidhi, Harshita, Dhanya, Akansha all the time?

Ever knew that Harshita is the secret shitter who nags us to keep posting? Akansha has helped writing one post too!

And…did you know…That it’s Shit for Tat’s first birthday today? }:-) But since its a toilet after all, so we have added jamalghota (who cares what do you call this in English) so you will have to visit the blog this week regularly because it's going to be raining posts!

Yippy party time!!!

As we invite you to the birthday party, we shitters welcome any questions you ever had in your mind to ask to any of the mothers and fathers of the baby. Just don’t ask Nidhi for a date, sorry she’s already taken.

By: Mads (who was reportedly seen in Mumbai with her In-Laws (INternships-Law))