Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Suprizzzze \:D/ \:D/ \:D/

Tuesday, April 14, 2009
Folks this is RAHUL SHARAD DRAVID, I play cricket for Indian team and have made 10823 test runs and 10585 runs in ODI. I was born on 11th Jan 1973 and after 16 years, 3 months and 3 days, there was a girl born. She loved me, she adored me, she worshiped me. I think today i am a famous person just because of her. People call me 'Wall' coz perhaps she wanted them to call me so. I was called Jammy coz perhaps She liked JAM too. Her email ID tells how madly this gal was in love with me.

I am a married man now and I regret it, coz i have come to know about her, when i already have a kid and when My wife is expecting the second one too. I could have married a Rahul fanatic & that would have made me a lot happier than facing 408787 balls and taking 377 catches in the international cricket. She believes that I am her True man coz I am soft spoken, gentle, kind, reliable and adorable. I think she is my true lady coz she loves cricketers like me (Vijeta reading?), She has the team spirit (Indian team readintg ?) she is fun (my kids reading ?), she is pretty (other Rahul fanatics reading ?).

It takes a lot from within and a lot from outside for a former Indian Skipper to come public and talk about his fan, but it's a lot simpler game the other way round. But one should get what one deserves, so with the help of a few of her blogger mates, I am going to declare that this girl's craziness has finally paid off and all you Dravid fans can add me up, my email id is 'ilovemadhuriiyer@gmail.com'

Now all you readers must have guessed it by now that I am talking about MADS a.k.a MADHURI IYER and yes the reason is, that it's her b'day today. So I swear by all those 970 boundaries that i have hit in international cricket that this gal deserves more, even more than my speech and the reason this speech was not funny is because it's by me. I don't crack jokes, it's not my nature.

By the way I have forced all the owners of this blog to change the color to 'Pink' coz she loves it, Peter was reluctant par Abhinav ne dil pe patthar rakh k isssey change kiya hai. Then we ordered a pink cake,and a pink card, again the boys were reluctant but they had to obey my order. Rest both the gals (Bhawana and Nidhi) seem pretty cool by the idea. Now I am really confused with my gift, so I have decided that I will gift her all the possible emotions from my side.

:) -be happy when you remember me..

:D - Grin when you see my pics.

:"> - blush when you see this post

>:D< - hug when you see my posters.

 ;) - wink when you see me. 

:X - get love struck every time with me.

 8-> - Daydream when you think of me.

=)) - roll on the floor laughing when I crack a joke.

\:D/ -dance when you are thinking of making a chance.

=; - Hi5 me on everything possible.

:-h - Now say goodbye. I have to go.