Monday, May 4, 2009


Monday, May 4, 2009
It's IPL time,
And we shit-ers, Peminem, Y2A Sean and Mads Cents present before you a rap(e) for which we won't charge a dime!

Yo, I pee in your Land,
I field in your Sand,
I didn't want it at the end of the day to be it at SA,
Its not about SA or India,waise
All everyone wanted was thode, bahut paise!

I'm an Indian, I don't want a blow,
I had enough of election's peep show,
Enough to make Modi lose control,

I ain't a jackass politician, nor a leader,
I'm just a normal guy drooling over a hot cheerleader,

I dun own the knights,
I dun fear from fights,
Da Basanti's dance with me, they dance for me,
I take in the sight, with lots of glee,

Even the umpires have a hit on them,
Each time, they score, wham bam, thank you Ma'm,
They start dancing on every hit,
Dance like they got, them fits,

The Knights don't last into the night,
They cannot give in any match a fight,
A Fake IPL Player, a fake male called SRgay,
A Skipper who can't just play,
A coach who teaches his laptop to bowl n bat,
They get laid, at the bottom, flat.

The Mumbai Indians aala re,
Oh oh, par Sachin gaya re,
They fall down,immediately,crumble,
Bowl wides, expecting the opposition to tumble,
The young all-rounders, Bravo and Nayar,
Have their asses always on fire.

Shilpa Shetty's hit movies is equal to,
Da number of wins for her boys,which are few,
Last year's top dogs, they were,
Now, they can only manage to purr,
Warne's new bowler's action is under threat
Wonder if plan 2354235 of Warne is all set,

The Royal Challengers,are back,
They got Uthappa in exchange of Zak,
Despite Dravid and Kevin going home early,
And they are winning finally,
It's a surprise Virat takes any catches,
When we see him looking, all da time, at himself in his

The Singh who's King of all chicks,
Lost a match recently, despite his hattrick,
Preity who still plays hug hug with all the mates,
And Ness got it, from his ex date,
Sreesanth's injured, but pappu still dances,for free,
At a party,he nearly played slap gate,with KP,

The Dhakkan Chargers sweeping the floor last time,
Have made losing seem, a huge crime,
Uncle Gilly, who's making captaincy seem silly,
Kicking out Laxman didn't help their fielding,mate,
Symonds out of the team, is it good or great?

The Daredevils dare to keep out Pigeon from the team,
And still, their win is not just a dream,
Gauti and Fatty are the dream opening pair,
And they always get out simultaneously with a pair,
Dick Nannes, fucks all his name-alikes,
Nehra, who's bowling is enough, to psych.

Chennai Super Kings have Hayden at the start,
And in the middle, hiccups and a lot of farts,
His Padmashri award, Dhoni's busy cleaning,
An early return home, his team's planning,
The balls go above Parthiv Patel,
Wonder if Gony wants a career in selling Bhel?

The leaders, the teams who got there just to win,
Have to fight with their own kin,
Pathan v. Pathan,or Hussey v. Hussey,
Fuck every pussy, without making any fussy,
Cannot afford to pee in their pant,
Or listen to the media's rant.
May the best team win it all,
The money's for them, to have a ball.