Friday, July 31, 2009

How "wierd" can you get??

Friday, July 31, 2009
I can’t believe that I am doing this tag. But, it seems an interesting one. 7 weird things about yourself. mmmm there are so many that I find weird about myself and wonder if other people feel the same. Or is it only me who feels differently about something.

First- My ears become hyper active in morning. When people speak normally also, they sound to me like they are screaming. I have bad times when I am home, cause my mom and my sis wakes me up most of the day.

Secondly, I can’t tolerate the background music of old Hindi movies. It irritates me. esp. I hate when the same scene is shown from 4 - 5 different angels. Bloody hell, they waste their time and mine too!!! Even in saas-bahu and other hindi serials, they show the reaction of each and every member of the serial, followed by special effect of broken glass scene. Hello bhai, power point presentation nahi chal raha!!

Point number three- Yes sir! - (I hate taking notes) Any ways.. I need different temperature of water for head and rest of the body. For head, I can't take a lot of hot water.Fourthly – I feel uncomfortable about the idea of getting my hair shampooed in parlour for the fear that the water will go inside my ear. No matter how professional they are, it does go inside ear. Adding cotton to ear too doesn’t help.

Panchwa Bindu (point) worth paanch lakh – I apply nail paint to grow my nail or else i bite them off. Bad habit I know :P

Sixthly :D I sleep with blanket no matter how hot it is.

and lastly I can wake up in the morning when I hear bird chripping. I love that sound

What about you??

P.S- Have you noticed, whenever people have to type the word 'weird', in most cases, they type it as 'wierd'. Isn't that weird? :P