Thursday, April 1, 2010

History behind April Fool's day !

Thursday, April 1, 2010
Did you ever try to know why do we celebrate Fool's day ?
NO ?

Okay, Now don't give that frowning look, after all for the very first time you are getting some gyaan from a Shit for tat post. So here is the history behind Fool's Day....

In Early Eighteenth century, there was an Irish guy named 'April John', he was a brilliant guy, but his brilliance made everyone around him jealous and they started cursing him for no reason. But Since he was a brilliant guy, he was a little mad too (like how generally extraordinary people are). All he did throughout his life were unconventional things, and his this approach made him the most foolish guy of all time. For example, he married a 61 year old lady, when he was just 18. He made two doors at the same place in his house, one for getting himself in and the other one for getting himself out. He wore an umbrella shaped hat for all the seasons, in summer to avoid the sun, in winter to avoid the snow and in rainy season to save himself from the rain. His stupidity, never harmed him and always benefited, those people who knew him personally.Even till today his stories are famous in Ireland and in fact some stupid people still find it funny all over the world, because they think it's true and you know who all are they ? It's you guys who are still reading this post and nodding. I mean what do you expect from Shit for tat ? huh ? we will talk sense ? that too on this particular day. Did you not learn anything so far? See now I am gonna end this post, but I can't end this long paragraph just like that, coz it should look like a story when you give it a first glance and I know some of you are so smart that you will read the first paragraph and read the bottom one and decide what is in there, so I am gonna write a misleading last short paragraph. Do not get lost in the end.

So the story teaches us, how April Fool's day is not just a day for making a fool out of other people, but how you should make fool out of yourself too at times. In fact, It holds a perfect example of how foolish the human nature is.