Sunday, April 18, 2010

Indian Blogger League (IBL)

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Since the whole world is tweeting, FBing, gtalking and maybe even hi5ing (is anyone even on that social networking site anymore? :O) about IPL, sft shouldn't be far behind.
We rapped about IPL season 3 and this time we'll show you how our bloggers would fare if they were put for auction in ipl season 5 !!

1) Amrita Roy- With a figure like hers, she should be a White Mischief Girl!! Ahem. I mean a cheerleader for Royal Challengers Bangalore (*whispers in your ear*-wearing the skimpiest clothing), in laywoman terms for this i-hate-cricket girl.

2) Harshita- Preity Zinta is thinking of selling her IPL team. Anyway, Harshita always travels around the world. Why not buy Kings XI Punjab team, girl? You get to travel, be with hot guys from 10 teams, and ummmmmmmmmmmm...Ok, you get the picture!! And I'm sure Yuvi will hit 6 sixes again if you give him your special jhappi and pappi ;)

3) Nidhi- She should be in the team management of Royal Challengers Bangalore team. Why? Because whenever they lose, Vijay Mallya's beer will not go down the drain...It'll just go down Nidhi's throat :D

4) Peter- We need some peppy, rap theme songs for our teams, dude!! Get to work!!

5) Abhinav- He can design the websites for all the teams. Did you know Bill Gates decided to retire after he heard about how good Abhinav Bhatt is at computers?

6) Dhanya- She wants only one job. Looking, staring, leeching, drooling, fantasizing, ogling at Brett Lee. Considering his F(A)itness, Dhans and Lee can warm the bench in the dugout happily, all throughout season 4.

7) Shaunak- Instead of holding contests for tickets for PRINCE, he can do better in contests for tickets for IPL !!

Any more additions? You're welcome to contribute :D