Thursday, March 19, 2009


Thursday, March 19, 2009

We do write for comments and if by any chance you say that you don’t, then save your electricity bill (write in your personal diary which no one will read) and if you mean you don’t write for 100 comments per post you are okay with even 5 nice ones, then well those are comments too. You just can’t ignore the fact either ways.

You get comments, you reply to those comments and we at ‘a-shit-for-tat’ have been observing that since long. Here comes the funny ‘commenter-author’ bantering on almost all the comment section disasters.


Commenter: – YAY YAY YAY, I am the first one to do.

Author: – So where is your apple ADAM? You did it with EVE right? or you just did it with The Mountain DEW?

THE PDAs (Public Displays of affection)

Commenter:- Awww, so true Baby, Hugs, Kisses, Muah Muah !

Author:- Ohh Gawd! Did you just not read the Post, eh ? It talks about how much I hate all lesbians and wet kisses, you bitch, you don’t read anything properly, I am sure you are not reading this one too *DANCES* \:D/


Commenter: – It happens dude, Jus chillax, Take a chill pill ;)

Author:- What happens Dude? I wrote about how badly I want to commit suicide by myself (which is quite obvious coz it would be a homicide otherwise) and you drop down to say “it happens”.

How many times did you die last month, huh ?


Commenter:- Ohh dear I hope all the merciless souls rot In hell and suffer big time. Don’t pay heed to anyone, You rock baby and whoever did it with you is presumably the worst motherfu**ing Bastard alive.

Author :– Hey , WTF ! don’t make an issue out of my boy friend not sharing a lollypop with me last night.


Commenter :- He who had his biggest animosity for even the silliest triumphant whispers, did not see the masked –evil-rouge-kind-of –moron sticking to the basics of mortality. That is the club Mate, welcome to the real world. Cheers !

Author:- Sorry ? are you talking about my post ? Talk in Angreezi pleeeeaaajjj :(

THE not-LINKED-to-the-LIST

Commenter:- Ohh wow ! your Boyfriend must have been delighted with the poem, super kool, kudos ^:)^

Author:- Well, I don’t think so. I have a separate poem for him. This one was for my father :|

THE WORST EVER : – well there are basically 10 varieties of such kind and all have more or less these kind of replies in respective order.

Commenter:- i) Nice Post ii)Cool iii)LOL iv) :D v) WOW vi) Good Job Vii)You have been tagged/awarded viii) Blogrolled you ix) awww x) Hugs >:D<

Author :– i) Thnks ii) I know iii) He He iv) :P v) Thnks vi) I knw vii) Ohh lemme see viii) Good for you ix)*blushes* x) >:D<>


Commenter(anonymous):– I differ from what a pervert man would say. Actually all of you are the who’s who of human crap. You act like you did not do anything and you are sensitive but you pounce on the other hot gal the very next moment .

Author: – Listen I wrote it out of experience & if you have got the guts, then don’t be anonymous.

Commenter :– you are a pervert. *Period*

Author: – You sound like a female pervert, and you better keep your period to yourself (LOL kidding).

Commenter:- Blergh X-(

Author:- Someone is pissed.




And it goes on till either of them surrender or till he/she blocks the anonymous commenter.


Commenter:- WOW you know what ? Once upon a time, I was like you and then I went for estivation, but it did not work then I tried out hibernation, Bang ! It worked, I am so glad it worked.

Author: – Yeah ! but this post is about me being Insomniac not about what you did in your last birth in ICE AGE.

P.S :- Well this post is not having any intentions of maligning anyone’s name indirectly or directly and if you ask me where is the genuine comment category ? Then the answer is…right in the comment section of this post… See we are kind to whoever comments here ;)