Friday, March 6, 2009

**ck off- 2 !!!

Friday, March 6, 2009
This post is a sequel to the previous post

“Saala abhi tak kyun nahi aaya?” his wife wonders as she sits on the bed with a string in her hand. The string was attached to a bucket full of water which was strategically placed on the entrance door, so that only water would fall on the person who enters.

Meanwhile our hero dragged himself to come back after being thrown out of the rock concert where he saw his wife and padosi munda Prem going hand in hand.

3 am. He pushes the door open. “Excuse me madam ji.. kho…ho..ho..ho… please open” he yelled. “Aji, sunte ho!” she screams back and jerkes the string.

The water along with the metal bucket fells on Aditya’s head. He faints.

“Hai rabba!” she screams, “Yeh maine kya kar daala! Yeh dekhne se pehle aasmaan phat kyu nahi gaya, zameen mujhe nikal kyu nai gayi.. Or is it the other way round? Who cares!”

She drags him onto a sofa and runs to the puja room. Aaditya wakes up after one hour, to the deafening sounds of the ghanti being rung and a prayer being screamed out and a rotten leather shoe hanging over his nose.

“Abbe oye, bandh karo yeh atyachaar. .. Bol bol why did u ditch me.. jindagi bhi lele yaar kill me”

His wife comes into the room, ringing the ghanti and rotating the aarti thali clockwise and anti clockwise in front of his face.

“Abbe, tum kaun ho?” he drawls. “Tu hai meri kiran…tu hai meri kiran…”
“Mai kiran nahi hu!! Haaye rabba yeh kiran kaun hai??? Yeh kya hogaya isko? Gaane pe gaane, dialogues pe dialogues? Abhi daaktar saab ko phone lagati hun…Hai Rabb!” his wife sobs as she dials the doctor’s number. She looks at the door, waiting for Doctor Sharma to come.

“K.. k…kiska hai yeh tumko, intezaar, main hoo naa…” Aditya keeps singing. “Chalo…bedroom mei…Mood hai kya? *Pun intended. Muhuhahaha…”* he pulls her hand to the bedroom.

“Nahiiiii….” She cries and suddenly with 3 camera movements, the door is flung open. Here comes Doctor Sharma ,Prem Sharma (too much Bond movies!), the neighborhood rockstar.

He examines him and says, “He’s lost his memory. He doesn’t remember anything except the songs from his previous movies. Ab ise dawa ki nahi dua ki jarurat hai… badhai ho.. he is almost no more.. divorce him and lets do balle balle”

His wife faints. She recovers, muttering, “Yeh sab meri galti hai..meri galti hai… Jab tak yeh jaaydaad pe sign karne laayak nahi hota. We can’t marry,dear!”

Aditya is not allowed to move outside till his memory improves. His wife decides to keep a fast till he recovers. Prem Sharma has been evacuated from her life, permanently.

To be continued...