Thursday, May 28, 2009

Bachpan's the ultimate fun!

Thursday, May 28, 2009
When we look back at those snaps we laugh, through tears in our eyes. We smile looking at ourselves and our friends and we laugh.

Chotu look at you… you dress up like Govinda. orange Pant and blue shirt. LOL :D

Oh, and that long, knee touching skirt was my favorite!!! I wonder what made me feel it was the best on earth.

Remember the dark room game? We hid ourselves inside the blankets and Tinku couldn't find us till dusk.

When we look back, when we were kids,we always had some or the other game to play. Some well known, and some, newly discovered by us. Some amended with new rules and we said, I'm the boss, I won the last match.I'll decided who will play first or else I'm not playing [-(

No matter how late it is after tuition we used to play badminton till we managed to see the cock (And remember, how we felt like idiots when we found out the meaning of cock and then corrected every other kid by saying 'shuttle, bacche. Not cock. Lol :P)

Me and MY Chaddi pal Gitu

While waiting for bus in bus stand we used to have a quick game called Lock and key. I hate it because i was always locked (bad runner you see) and kept waiting for someone to help me escape. Now it makes me feel that the game should be rather called as Prison break :D

While playing hide and seek once I locked my sister in room and she kept thinking that no one found her till late.

Bachpan main once my bro locked my sister in the box room (the box room didn't have any ventilation) and bro ran somewhere else out of house, later when my mom opened the room she found my sister inside the room in tears and she almost fainted..My shaitan bro got royal scolding from my mom later.

Me and My sister

He once fired the blanket room by mistake. Later every one in the town was staring my house and we were the last one to realise that our bro has shown his karnama again.

We celebrated B’day for Gifts, We were most happy when our parents gave us money when we touched their feet to go to hostel.

Making castles in sand, doll games with our precious tea sets (No i will be the wife .. Okie I will be husband this time, happy??? )

Doctor doctor – lol. I was always the patient. :D and marbles game. Throwing one marbel upwards and gathering all the rest in the ground and not letting the on-air marbel fall on ground but catch it with other palm for next chance :)

High jumps through rubber bands, playing skipping till we lost breath was fun.
I can go on and on. And so can you, I bet :P

P.S. - As Mads had promised in her previous post, the title of the Class Actor goes to Shaunak and Stupidosaur jointly. Shaunak has got his shit in the right spot for the second time around, after winning our previous contest too !!

Please collect your prize