Sunday, May 17, 2009

It's A Class Act !

Sunday, May 17, 2009
I just hope, pray to the Lord above that none of my faculty members are reading this. Or none of the students who read this sneak off and show it to my faculty members.

It's actually alright. Anyway, my grades suck. Sigh.

What BP(my Bench Partner) and I do in class, during the entire 1 hour lecture....

First 5 mins go in attendance and giving each other missed calls, if the other hasn't come to class.
Then starts the boredom...

1) We take pics :D and then keep rotating the pics, changing the background. and of course, crib that we look dark, and our hair looks bad.

2) Discuss what to wear the next day to college.

3) Crib at least once in every lecture that boys suck.

4) Laugh at the people who sleep in a funny manner. If they are really funny, take pics of them too. I love the zoom option for that.

5) Look at what each person is wearing and appreciate/criticize it.

6) Listen to the faculty and maarofy sarcastic remarks.

7) Priceless one: call on each others cells and watch it vibrate.

8) Another priceless one: call on one cell and put our fingers on it and move along with the cell as it vibrates (We are BORED. That's what happens to bored people. Forgive us for living.)

9) Thanks to my guilty conscience, I take notes sometimes. BP goes off to sleep then(Why you taking down notes? *shakes head and goes to sleep and wakes up within seconds since she gets a sms :P *

10) Plan a dinner outing or movie. And mostly, implement the plans :D

11) Get hold of a newspaper and read our horoscopes and discuss about it. Then read the Elite Page 3 and discuss about the latest happenings(You know what? Freida Pinto and Dev Patel were caught kissing???? Followed by a "Hawww!! How do YOU know?" "Arre, read this article" The poor faculty drones on about Articles of Constitution, while we read newspaper articles).
Then, BP asks me to update her on the sports section, which I religiously do :D (What? India won? Against? Oh, Dhoni is cute! Oh Federer lost? (I clear my throat and change the topic quickly)

12) Play games on cells and on paper. Muhuhahaha. Name Place Animal Thing, any one?

13) The best of the lot. BP invented it. It's called Dub Dub Rate. It's simply checking your pulse for a minute. And write it down and compare who's is higher. The highest was, when BP and I got a giggling fit and we started the game, and BP scored 98 and I score 93. And once:
BP: I'm bored, Let's start checking our pulse.
Me: Yeah...(checking) Hey..(searching all over my hand) Hey, I can't find my pulse!
BP: Arre, class can't be that boring that you can't find your pulse.(laughs and starts hunting) Hey...(eyes widening) I can't find it too!!
Me: Eeeeeeks. I'm dead, BP!!!
BP: No...No...(frowning and starts hunting) There!! Found it...Can hardly feel it.... It's nearly gone (in a sincere tone)

14) We usually don't scribble on benches. I mean, just don't wanna do it, I guess. We type a sms and show the cell to the other, in case we sense that someone is overhearing us, or we want to bitch about someone sitting nearby :D

15) Immediately after inventing the Dub Dub Rate game, she invented a Yawn game. Simply count how many times we yawn. She won 15, my score was simply a 5. Insomniac re. Even classes don't put me off to sleep, dammit. We also played checking the pulse rate near the throat, but that was too obvious, and our fellow back benchers and the faculty were giving us WTF looks....

Any additions to this list? Or did we just motivate you into surviving your next class? Drop a comment ;-)
The best addition to this list will get The Title of the Class Actor....