Monday, January 25, 2010

Hey Ya, I wanna just break up with you, my love!

Monday, January 25, 2010
Girls, as promised, we are here to bring you some awesome break up lines to help you get rid of him :P

Begin your sentence with 'Actually'. Why you ask? Break up conversations also need some style and adaa while you say it!

1) Actually, I'm not straight :P
In most circumstances, your bf can surely read this as a lie. But oh well, sometimes it works.

2) Actually, You are too good for me.
The pitiable damsel in distress or poor little rich girl act mostly does the trick. Oh, I'm not your types. You are too nice and decent. You don't deserve me. Shy is coming.

3) Actually, I think we need a break.
The best and most effective way to start a conversation which ends your relationship.

4) Actually, I never thought of you in that way. You are like a brother to me.
This one is like a stab in the back for your bf. Try not to use this one. It really hurts. I mean boyfriend to brother. Errr.. Spare me the horror!

5) Actually, I like somebody else. A boy, btw.
Ouch. Our girl is bold and beautifully frank. She lashes out at our poor victim and dumps him in the bin. Even a Splitsvilla contestant couldn't have done a better job.

6) Actually, I'm bored.
She sure wants to have all the fun. This juggling boys girl can directly attack and judging by the type of guys, she would choose...I don't think they would even mind.

7) Actually, my parents don't approve of you/ We are from different castes.
And I bet you never thought about that when you started dating him? LAME !!

8) Actually, I'm becoming a nun.
If your bf is really miserable or if your bf is really stupid, then go for this one !

9) No actually on this one- Scream at the top of your voice- YOU ARE ALWAYS WITH ABHISHEK (All guys have a best friend called 'Abhishek'. Period) You don't pay attention to me anymore. It's always football match with Abhi abhi ke abhi, or cricket with him. GO TO HELL !!
Guys hate their best buddies getting insulted. They'll show themselves out of your house rather than losing their dear Abhisheks.

10) Actually, we need to talk.
Need a girl say anything more to scare off a guy permanently? Guys HATE discussions and even if you didn't intend breaking up with him, he'll assume the same and BANG- you are single, watch out world !!

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