Thursday, January 28, 2010

Tweet For Tat

Thursday, January 28, 2010

The world is twittering. Aren’t you? Terminologically Twitter is a free social networking and micro-blogging service that enables its users to send and read other users' updates known as tweets. Yeah, another site on which you have to make an account, new id, another password to remember, 1 aur jhamela!

The original idea was simple. Connect with your friends in 140 characters or less. SMS of the Internet. But it has triggered into a phenomenon. Almost every celeb or so called celeb is here. If they are not on Twitter, no one loves them. It has made one to one interaction so easier. You can praise or slam any one here directly. Just mention them like ‘@iamsrk you are srgay!’ and they will get to know.

But, what it means for common mango people like us. It makes people go crazy. In the same way as men go crazy when they see free liquor and women go mad when they see 50$ OFF sale, it is addictive. Some of the actual real tweets are like these:

The Celebs:

@juniorbachchan: To @iamsrk and @kjohar25. Thank you so much, can't thank you'll enough. You guys were awesome! Just made my day. Love you both.

@chetan_bhagat: just abt the only thing i have in common with apple - i don't advertise either. still ppl know.

@bdutt: we debate whether books can survive in the digital age. is the net making us smarter or stupider

@kjohar25: If only we could free ourselves from complexes,insecurities and unreasonable desires and ambitions...we would be a dedicated democracy....

@priyankachopra: Good morning world!! It's a rainy day today and freezing do.. Chalo what's new.. Hehe..!!! Xoxo

Sometimes they become saints, next time they start publicizing themselves.
The common folks like us:

@anon1: hello @realpreityzinta, I love you... all your parts!

@anon2: wow wow wow! @shahidkapoor replied to me.. maaa.. I am going mad!

@anon3: good morning tweethearts.. just had super hot coffee, feeling sleepy again.. burp!

These kind of tweets are still digestible and not that shitty but sometimes people cross their social limits and tweet like this:

@baxiabhishek: Dad is no more; we're fighting to get mom well. She's in hospital with multiple fractures; out of danger though.

What the holy shit? Seriously, how can someone tweet when such a big havoc has happened?
Then there are the normal funny tweeters:

@danielafariaf: I did not slap you, I just hi-5-ed on ur face

@oneliners: If at first you don’t succeed, sky diving is not for you..


So nothing that was just a tutorial for our beloved readers about Twitter. And an announcement..
Yes, we are not going to stay away from this melodrama.

Start following us on Twitter

We could have just tweeted in 140 words to follow us on twitter but we posted so many words. So just follow us otherwise.. Hu hahahahaha! It is actually a useful jhamela. Just remember 'Twit Twit Hota Hain'...

P.S.: We have just conducted a Plastic Surgery on the blog. How’s the new look..??