Friday, January 1, 2010

Let's LOLcome 2 zero 1 zero !

Friday, January 1, 2010
2009 Was funny and if you do not share the same opinion as we do, then lets read this post out and by the end of it we will have some congruency for sure. We make serious things funny yeh humara hunar hai, isse logon ki fatt ti hai :P

FILMF – (main fa ko fa bolta hun)

For almost one fourth of the year there were no Multiplex releases, only one major film released begging audience to come to the theater (Aa Dekhen zara) but People ignored the beggars. The later half belonged to ,

I) The Gaalis : KAMINEYs, inglorious BASTARDS, three IDIOTS, KAMBHAQT ishq. People were heard using the names in the most creative ways possible, e.g, “chal be idiot, dekhtey hain”, and once a little girl shouted seeing the Kaminey Posters “ Papa Kaminey, Papa Kaminey!”

II) Guns and Poses : Quick gun Murugun, Wanted (no we dun want it), Unknown - Men origins: wolverine, G.I. Joe’ley (Don’t kill me if it sounds like the Bengali version of Jiya jale), Transformers, Generators, Invertors etc. etc.

III) Futuristic /Unrealistic: Avatar – Ek adbhut Duniyaa, 2012 (let 2013 come & I will kill the director for scaring people), Terminator salvation, Amavasya – Ek adbhut duniya ( why girls are going gaga over a white-skinny-bloodless-anaemic- guy. VAMPIRES SUCK, Period)

IV) The Lullabies : Wake up Sid, London Dreams, Do Knot Disturb.


I) Easy Tiger: Man you JUST DID it! We all had an extramarital affair with him, Yes everyone in the world and by that we mean all the girls, guys, 50-50s, shemales, females, and all the possible living beings. He should compensate for everyone, now WOOD he or WOOD he not?

ii) Delhi’s Dangerous Belly: Delhi’s Pitch turned out to be a bitch, but Our clever Delhi Association with the help of BCCI did exceptionally well to escape from the gruesome punishment, who said .money can’t buy everything ?


i) Ohh bum ahh : Never seen a Ass like that , Da doing doing doing :P

ii) Flop’enHagan : There were so much heated up discussions that temperature actually raised rather than getting down and hence now onwards Denmark will be the landmark for the controversies.

iii) Kasab Se : “Kasab se mainey kuch nahi kiya, kasab se main toh movie dekhney aaya tha Mumbai, Police ne pakkad liya, 33 crores laga rakhe hain mujh pe, itna mere desh ko de dein toh yeh panga he band ho jayega hamesha k liye .“ Yeah Right !! Even SRK looked like him when he came to Mumbai in late 80s. Matlab kuch bhi hai yeh toh.

iv) Tel lene gaya gana : We also want a different State for 4 of us. Else we are going for hunger strike. Yes Government let ‘Shit for Tat’ be a separate state. We will call it parent blogspot thing shouldn't be attached to it.


i) Rakhi Ka Elesh’war : Do I need to speak about this show?It had all the reasons in this world for not watching it and number 1-20 were Rakhi and Ravi Kishan !

ii) Biggie and Bossy : Was it fixed? Was it? Was it? It was! Was it? It was! It was! ..I mean How do you decide who is more stylish between a model and a Pahelwan ? Do you even need to think ? But the Annoying Pahelwan beats everyone, actors, music directors, comedians, vidheshi kudi , drama queen ki mummy. Sahi mein Singh was King !

iii) Iss seduction se mujhey bachao – Kaikuuu ? when you have hot hot gals....okay only gals exposing ?

iv) 10 kadam Aagey than last year : It was supposed to be for mango people but considering TRP games, they made it for Celebs, but really agar mere saaaaaaaath naaaaai zhelllllaaaaaaa toh kyaaaa zhellllaaaaaaa ?


i) Face Books it all : Farmville, I mean Agriculture should have been a compulsory subject for today’s generation. Planting, growing and harvesting virtual crops, trees, this is what maximum of us have done this year. Ohh!! Btw did you know that KRK (from Big Boss) claims that his Farmville k bhains ka chara comes from Scotland ?And Let’s not talk aboutMafiass. I blocked the feed long back.

ii) Twitter : Buddy one smart comment for this post and I will block you, okay ? #S4Tblocks.

iii) Google Wave : Himesh claims that his Radio wave is stronger than google wave –MTV ticker.

iv) Orkut: That’s an endangered species specially found in the Suburbs of India and Brazil.

v) Google: It stopped working for a few minutes and the world almost collapsed, I think this will what exactly happen in 2012.

P.S.: Happy New Year folks... Any suggestions from your side will add to the fun.. Thanks for reading and commenting on this blog.. We APPRECIATE (sh)it!