Monday, January 26, 2009

Someblog's Questionnaire

Monday, January 26, 2009
To all fellow Indians and for those who love Indians, A very happy Republic Day. Yippeee! Constitution ki Jai Ho! Sing with me..

Happy Birthday to you..
Happy Birthday to you..
Happy Birthday to dear Constitution of India..
Happy Birthday to you..

Welcome everyone. Hope you are fine and online. Don’t read this post in an Offline mode. It’s not safe. (Worried reader: HOW?? :-SS ) As we all follow a common trait that we blog and comment on each other’s blog and as a result we now have reasonable knowledge about our fellow bloggers. If we don’t, this is an ultimate opportunity to know you favorite bloggers better.

Disclaimer: Some of the questions are from pretty private parts (of the blogger’s personality only don’t worry) so may look offending but obviously this is Shit4Tat. So nobody should file an FIR because of this post. They should take it in a funny manner as jokes from their friends only. If anybody is hurt, please tell the blog moderators, their name would be removed happily when they will send 1000$ in cash. Thanks!

So are we read, here’s your ultimate chance to know our mutual blogger’s better? Thos who will answer most questions correctly, ahem ahem.. hum.. hmmmmm..

1. What is Peter’s real name?

a. Ashwin Kumar
b. Aishwarya (he was shy of feminine name so he changed it to Peter.)
c. Ashwani
d. Piglet

2. Harshita once fell because of something. Because of what and fell on what?

a. She is so much addicted to Share Market. Sensex dipped and so did Harshita so she fell on her Demat account’s passbook(If any).
b. She owns 2 dogs. Namely Happy and Rustam. One of them peed and she slipped on that.
c. She owns a dog named SRK and he bit her when she told him that Aamir has a dog named SRK as well.
d. She got so much drunk on New Year’s eve that she fell on the dancing floor.

3. Who can be Trinaa’s probable sautan?

a. Peter (:O, we didn’t know that?)
b. Madhuri.. hmm looks Justified….
c. Deepika..
d. None of the above because if anyone from above will be, then she can beat them with her chappals collection. (Bonus Question: Why does she love Chappals?)

4. Urv once cried so much that he learnt many lessons out of it. Why did he cry?

a. His girlfriend had more interest in girls than him.
b. The F.R.I.E.N.D.S. DVD he bought, yeah ‘bought’... hehe silly... was empty.
c. He is a big fan of Red Chillies Entertainment so he brushed his eyes with similar sounding stuff because of a Cricket Match.
d. Someone misspelled his name.

5. What is CRYSTAL’s real age?

a. 33 (uskeee twacha se uskeee umr ka pata hi nahi chalta)
b. 23
c. 13
d. Under observation hai... tell u soon..

6. What is Nidhi’s nickname?

a. Chutki
b. Niggles
c. Amoeba
d. Kaanchi (wrt to all Nepalis)

7. Abhinav kiske khooon ka pyasa hai? *Gurrr.. attached with Ferocious Aamir’s Ghajini looks!*

a. Raju Ramalinga
b. Raju Ramalinga
c. Raju Ramalinga
d. Raju Ramalinga

8. Madhuri Iyer is madly in love with whom?

a. Rahul Gandhi
b. Rahul Mahajan
c. Rahul Chadda (Who is this?)
d. Jammy

9. Who is Mayuri's Favourite hero?

a. Nana Patekar (ooh.. so Hot che!)
b. Amol Palekar (Which one.. Ram Prasad or Laxman Prasad)
c. Rakesh Roshan (hairy choice)
d. Hrithik Roshan (Our Good’ol Duggu)

10. Bhawana is what among these?

a. Spiritual
b. Conceptual
c. All of the above
d. None of the above

11. HP's full name is what among these?

a. Harry Potter
b. Hary Puttar
c. Hindustan Petrolem
d. Heer

12. “Shit4Tat” blog is best?

a. Yes
b. Of course
c. Yeah, I love it
d. ‘One’ of these.

All the answers to these questions will be revealed soon on another post coming up soon. Now what you can do right now is to answer them all in the comments section. Whoever will answer the most number of questions correct will get a big-big-big prize. Those who do not feature on this post can forgive the author. He had too much lunch and was obviously cost-cutting.

Hint: See the answers from the existing comments you &*#$%@@!