Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Aaj hum chaar se paanch ho gayein hai!!!!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009
Ah ! So finally after full 24 hours of anxiety, nervousness, waiting, and nail biting the four most talented people on Blog sphere have let me in their place - the toilet.
I feel like a part of the family now.

We will make sure that our toilet is the cleanest around.
A place where thoughts come and move you to action, A place where letting go is the only option and the only place where reading is fun!
I would also request my fellow owners of the Shauchalaya to extend the reaches of this place a little more and get a new tub and shower as well.

Now Seriously many many thanks to the most adorable Peter for introducing me to the super cute Madhuri Iyer and thanks to both of them for making me meet the beautiful Nidhi Mangal .
And Last but not the least I would like to congratulate myself for discovering the genius of Abhinav Bhatt.

Our place is very special to us, Simply because its one place you can't 'do' without :-P
Imagine! You really really have to do your business, you rush and rush to the toilet and Woah!! You find that the door is Open . This is happiness
and then, aah! You finally let go. This is peace.

Nature's calling where are you ?

P.S. bring your Harpicks along.