Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Happy Birthday Dhuuu Nidhi

Wednesday, February 4, 2009
The title's credit goes to Abhinav Bhatt. Dhuu to you, Abhinav.

It's my deer blogger friend Nidhi Mangal's bithday today. She rocks, she stones, she peebles. Typos are waht definse her. She's sweat, cuet, beautifool, lovelee. She is crazee about RD (Thank God, she doesn't make typos while righting his name!!)

I can right a book on Mangal. She has been assigned a zillion nicknames by us. She asks us to dhuuuu and goooo when she's peesed. But we don't gooooo. Instead, we dhuu her back.

Check out her gift from Abhinav, Bhawana, Peter and me and send her a message there and/or comment in this post, if you value your life. No pressure, btw :-D

Nidhi, we love you. We will always dhuu and \:D/ you. And dhuu, we will never stop that.